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Companies having the activities related to the transport of dangerous goods (like consignor, packer, loader, filler, carrier, consignee or unloader) have to appoint a DGSA. There are exemptions for those companies having only small quantities under certain conditions as specified in the dangerous goods regulations.
A consignor in this sense means also manufacturers of chemicals, refineries, chemical trading companies, and similar businesses.
A packer comprises also companies repacking chemicals.
The group of the loader includes many companies like manufacturers, warehouses, trucking companies and others. What they all have in common is that they load packagings on vehicles or they hand over packagings to the vehicle crew for loading the packagings on the vehicle.
The filler is responsible for filling tanks like tank vehicles or tank containers.
The unloader includes every company receiving packaged goods from a vehicle or discharging liquids from tank vehicles or tank containers as well as unloading solids from bulk containers or vehicles.
The DGSA is a person who has special knowledge of the dangerous goods regulations and has passed an exam according to the requirements of the competent authority.

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